My podcast listening changes with the seasons, with moods, with variations in interest. Currently I am listening to podcasts that either help me understand the Army in particular or national security issues in general and I am also maintaining an interest in podcasts that focus on science and scholarship.


In addition to the URLs below, all of these podcasts should be discoverable in your podcast app. I use downcast and I just type in the name of a podcast, search, and click to add it.

  • Modern War Institute is produced by USMA (West Point). They get great interviews from senior people who are usually very articulate — sometimes they get too far into a technical dimension for me, but everyone will have their own limits.
  • The Convergence is produced by Army Futures Command’s Mad Scientist Lab. It’s a good resource of non-traditional experts: they have interviewed a number of science fiction writers in the past few years, for example.
  • Leader Up is the in-house podcast of AMSC. Useful to get quickly caught up on the leadership concepts that are often referenced in conversations.

General Science

  • The Joy of x is produced by Quanta magazine, a publication I often enjoy more than Scientific American. It tends to be more mathy, and the host of the podcast is himself a mathematician.
  • Parsing Science is a podcast that bills itself as “the unpublished stories behind the world’s most compelling science, as told by the researchers themselves.” I’ve just started listening, so the jury is still out.

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