Aside: Podcasts for the Desktop

Much of the spoken word listening I do is over my iPhone either while I am driving between fieldwork appointments or in town to and from work or while I am doing chores at home, and there are certain podcasts, and audiobooks, that work really well in those contexts. There are other podcasts that do not. I am moving those podcasts into the role of being useful as “breaks” during the work day, and so I am capturing those titles here so that I can subscribe to them on my work machine:

  • O’Reilly’s Tools of Change has gone video and really isn’t a portable podcast any more for me.
  • ScreencastsOnline is a fantastic series, and if I had the time to watch them regularly I would subscribe to the full shows. (Perhaps I can make that happen in 2012.) For now, I am moving it out of my iPhone sync.
  • Merlin Mann has spawned more websites and podcasts than it’s possible to count. I think he has finally realized that his productivity, his genius, is to whip around like a loose electrical line and spark things. I don’t know if he will ever get that book done — but, hey, until my book is done I don’t have much room to talk — but that may no longer be the point. He has certainly achieved an enviable level of visibility. I have to assume that he has figured out a way to ride that visibility to a viable career/revenue stream. (And plenty of hat tips to him for it.) All that noted, 43Folders, the podcast, needs to get archived elsewhere and call it a day.