Platform Lists

Nothing too new in [David Kazzie’s report][1], which is delightfully detailed, that getting in Amazon’s KDP Program was a boon to sales of his ebook. It echoes pretty clearly comments made recently by Marco Arment in his 5by5 podcast that the one, true, way to insure success was to get on the App Store’s recommended or top lists. Historically, this is not unlike being on the Billboard charts or the NYT Bestseller lists, but in this case the list maker is also the distributor, who also happens to be the store owner. To some degree, this is the much sought after disintermediation that some internet advocates have championed, but are we so sure that getting rid of *all* the middle men is a good idea?

Did we learn nothing from the scouring out of middle management that happened in the 80s and 90s that left corporations trying to “manage knowledge” — because it turned out that that was what a lot of middle managers did?