PhiloLine announced on HDG

This is from a recent posting in the Humanist Discussion Group:

> We are pleased to announce the alpha release of PhiloLine, an extension to PhiloLogic designed identify similar passages in relatively large collections of documents. PhiloLine is based on a
simple implementation of a sequence alignment algorithm, a generalized technique used in bioinformatics and other disciplines. This implementation performs an all-to-all comparison of a set of documents loaded in PhiloLogic and generates results which can be linked to and from the database. PhiloLine is an experimental implement of our more generalized PAIR (Pairwise Alignment for Intertextual Relations) implementation which functions without PhiloLogic bindings to be released in Winter 2009.

> Source code, documentationand release notes, links to relevant papers, and a slide show discussing sequence alignment in digital humanities are available at [Google Code][].

> PhiloLine, like PhiloLogic and PhiloMine, are open source systems. Please feel free to contact us at the address listed on the site with your comments, complaints, bug reports (yes, there will be bugs),
suggestions and, always most gratefully accepted, code.