Our Beadboard Bathroom

The photo on the cover of the *Cape Cod Beadboard Planking* insert looks so nice and inviting. The planks themselves, if one can call a mixture of sawdust and glue a “plank”, are nice enough. Certainly their ridges are more believable than those of the 4 x 8 sheets found just up the aisle in our local Home Depot.

I painted the first batch of planks with an oil-based enamel from Sherwin-Williams, using what is slowly becoming the ubiquitous off-white of choice in our home: SW 6154, aka “Nacre.” It’s the same white found on our kitchen cabinets. We have a brighter white in the rest of the bathroom, “Callalily,” but it’s just a little too bright to my eye these days.

The first batch of planks only got me a little less than halfway around the bathroom — it is quite literally the bathroom, since the bath tub is the only thing in this little enclosure — before I had to start using unpainted planks, fetched during a second trip to the Home Depot because those little 7-inch wide things go fast.


Our new bathroom beadboard wall stops where electrical work begins.