Other Aspect Ratios

Another number, a ratio kept popping into my mind as I wrote the previous post that featured the golden ratio of 1.618. The number was 1.4. It turns out that there is another “golden” ration based on 1.414, which is the square root of 2, which also happens to be the length of the diagonal of a square with sides of length 1.

Wikipedia lists a few more aspect ratios of note:

586px Aspect ratio compare svg

From left to right:

**1.3** = 4:3: Some (not all) 20th century computer monitors (VGA, XGA, etc.), standard-definition television

**1.414** = √2:1: International paper sizes (ISO 216)

**1.5** = 3:2: 35 mm film

**1.6** = 16:10, widely used widescreen computer displays (WXGA)

**1.618** = Golden ratio, close to 16:10

**1.6** = 5:3: super 16 mm, a standard film gauge in many European countries

**1.7** = 16:9: widescreen TV

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