Open Courseware Participants

This is just a gentle reminder to everyone interested in open access materials, and in some fashion in open access education, that there is now an easy way to search the expanding offerings: [Open Courseware Search]( As the site itself notes, the following offerings are searched:

1. School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins (institution:jhsph)
2. MIT (institution:mit)
3. Notre Dame (institution:nd)
4. The Open University UK (institution: openuniversity)
5. Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (institution:politecnicamadrid), Spanish courses
6. Stanford Engineering Everywhere (institution:stanford)
7. Delft University of Technology (institution:tudelft), English and Dutch courses
8. UMass Boston (institution:umass)
9. The University of Tokyo (institution:utokyo), both English and Japanese OCW collections
10. Yale University (institution:yale)

My own university is, I think, moving to a more open model for its course content offerings. I see this as a real opportunity to make available content I have developed to a wider audience. I think the real value of a campus environment is not exclusivity of content but the potential for interaction.