Of Flash, the Web, and iDevices

John Nash over at Adobe has published a [great essay](http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2010/01/sympathy_for_the_devil.html) on his personal blog about the nature and status of Flash vis-a-vis web standards, functionality, and the iPhone (and now iPad) embargo:

> I came to Adobe ten years ago to build an open standards (SVG)-based Web animation tool. I like standards, and I have some experience here. … Here’s a quick summary of my long piece below:

> Flash is flawed, but it has moved the world forward.
> Open standards are great, but they can be achingly slow to arrive.
> Talk of “what’s good for standards is bad for Adobe” is misinformed nonsense.
> Flash will innovate or die. I’m betting on innovation.

Note that Nash actually worked on Flash’s competitor — remember Flash was created by Macromedia, then Adobe’s competitor for authoring applications — and is well aware of its history and its limitations. Most importantly, it’s a thoughtful piece with lots of details. No screed. No paranoia. Not your typical internet.

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