Now Govern!

The election is over. We have a Democratic President and Senate, and a Republican House. There is one and only one conclusion to draw from these results, based not only on this spread but also the spread of votes — that is, most candidates won with only a simply majority of the popular vote, not an overwhelming majority: **no one has a mandate**.

What does that mean? *Compromise*.

That’s right. There’s a little over 500 of you who will shortly be back in our nation’s capitol and you have one and only one job: to govern. Governing a complex democracy made up of many kinds of groups and individuals in a complex global economy likewise constituted means you need to listen, *a lot*, think, *a lot*, and talk amongst yourselves, *respectfully*. Governing doesn’t mean getting your way, my dears. We call that ruling, and it’s done my autocrats and tyrants. Ain’t none of you that. (Though perhaps some of you lean that way.)

What’s the take-away here: govern, motherfuckers, govern. Govern like our damn nation depends upon it. Govern like your political lives depend upon it. Govern like there is only a tomorrow in which you are an insignificant cog in a machine designed to make this nation, and the world in which we find ourselves surrounded, a better, safer, nicer place than it is today.