New Year But … er, a New Look

Yeah, yeah, happy arbitrary new year. What was wrong with having the new year begin on the first day of spring anyway? It makes a lot more sense than having it only a week after we celebrated the winter solstice by shoving presents under an evergreen tree (that, sigh, will soon be brown because we cut it down). Curmudgeonly impulses aside, I just wanted to note that the site is going to look a little different for a few days. It was time to update the PHP scripts that make the site go and it seemed best to use the latest offering from the WordPress folks themselves and then slowly hack the CSS back to something more of what the Logbook has looked like for the past year.

It’s not going completely back. I think the right sidebar is going to stick around, and so is my new friend L’hydre. I came across him on a crest having some connection to the town of Laudun, France, and I decided I kinda like the little guy. Hydras are apparently fairly rare in heraldry, and they represent the defeat of a significant enemy. For me, I like how friendly he looks. He’s an animal that would like to be able to fly (wings), clearly can make his way through the water (webbed feet), and has thoughts that go in too many directions (heads). Yup, I’m keeping him.

**UPDATE**: Okay, a new look. It was inevitable I suppose. I was looking for something that a more responsive design, in the sense that it would work well across a number of devices. I decided to give [Codium Extend][] a try. I’m fairly happy with it, except the “responsive” part of it makes for some pretty dense, and lengthy CSS. And I can’t quite get the gap between the posts and the sidebar to open up a bit more. That space feels too tight to me.

[Codium Extend]:

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