New Age for Universe

Analysis of data from the European Space Agency’s Planck mission has found some new things about our universe, including:

– It’s older than we believed, at about 13.81 billion years.
– It’s expanding more slowly than we expected.
– It’s made up of 4.9 percent normal matter, 26.8 percent dark matter, and 68.3 percent dark energy.
– And finally, our universe is a tiny bit lopsided.

Of all of that, it’s the *lopsided* that catches your attention, right? How can the universe be lopsided? I mean, what could that possibly mean? _Slate_’s Bad Astronomy blog has [some explanations][].

(It turns out, I think, that the lopsidedness reveals, potentially, a possible pre-Big Bang pattern or existence. Yeah, let that sink in.)

And then there’s this incredible visualization:

Timeline of the Universe

Timeline of the Universe

[some explanations]:

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