Networking Terms

I broke the tab that “locks” the ethernet cable into a physical port. For some reason that made me curious about network cables in general. (First I searched for a coupler, imagining maybe I would add a second shorter cable onto this one, so that there would be a “lockable” cable that went into the computer. Then I realized that I didn’t know the difference between CAT5 and RJ-45, and then I wondered if the cable I am using now, which I got with a Kingston 10baseT hub over a decade ago, is capable of supporting the gigabit intranet we have here in the house. … Did you really want to know how I wander into some of these things?)

Term | Explanation
CAT | Short for Computer And Telephone
CAT# | CAT1/2/3/4/5/5e/6 are cabling standards
RJ45 | the network connectors
RJ11 | the phone connectors

There you have it.