Python Modules You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the things that happens as you nurture and grow a software stack is that you begin to take its functionality for granted, and, when you are faced with the prospect of re-creating it elsewhere or over, you realize you need better documentation. My work is currently founded on Python, and I have already documented the great architecture that is numpy + scipy + nltk + pandas + matplotlib + … you get the idea.

  • jupyter is central to how I work my way through code, and when I need to present that code, I am delighted that jupyter gives me the option to present a notebook as a collection of slides. RISE makes those notebooks fly using Reveal.js.
  • missingno “provides a small toolset of flexible and easy-to-use missing data visualizations and utilities that allows you to get a quick visual summary of the completeness (or lack thereof) of your dataset. It’s built using matplotlib, so it’s fast, and takes any pandas DataFrame input that you throw at it, so it’s flexible. Just pip install missingno to get started.”

I’ve got more … I just need to list them out.

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