MultiMarkdown now generates captions

I am a big fan of the [Markdown][md] markup language developed by John Gruber and released as open source. I use a variant of it, [PHP Markdown][phpmd] by Michele Fortin, to write posts for this log. Another variant is [MultiMarkdown][mmd], which I use for my own notes, and which can also be used with other applications to generate camera-ready copy. MultiMarkdown was spun off and is maintained by Fletcher Penney, who is, like the other two folks above, a great guy. (I don’t follow many people on GitHub, but I [follow Fletcher][gh-fp].)

All that is a way of noting that even something as simple as a markup language that is designed to be as minimalist as possible still achieves a remarkable richness in an open source context, and, just as importantly, gets pushed to try out new things.

One of those novelties was covered by Merlin Mann in a recent Tumblr post: MultiMarkdown can now generate captions for images from the `alt` text. I haven’t tried this functionality out myself, because I don’t use the MMD CMS, but it appears to look like this: [Mann’s Illustration of MMD’s Caption Capability](

I should note that captions here are also automatically generated from `alt` text, when I remember to include that text, but that’s thanks to the WordPress plug-in [Image Caption][ic]. Do I wish it could all be handled by one piece of software like MMD? Sure, but MMD CMS generates statis sites and requires that you upload pages individually to your web server. I work from multiple machines and really prefer the convenience of WordPress combined with the power of a site that has a database on its backend. It makes backing up and searching much easier.

**UPDATE**: No, I don’t know why my captions are crossing the entire page. The WP plugging is generating its own `div` and when I get a chance I’m going to see if getting rid of the `div` will fix the problem. The `div` in and of itself is contained within other `divs` and so I’m not sure what is going on. (I’m checking the `CSS` file as I write this.)

**UPDATE D’OH**: The problem appears to be the Tumblr embed scheme. (It doesn’t have options like Flickr.) I tried hacking it a bit, but then I decided just to make the image a link to Mann’s post. Leave it at that.


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