More Typefaces in LaTeX

Like most academics, I have long kept my vita — the academic version of the resume — in a word processor file that I would regularly open and add items. For a long time, my vita lived in Word, and then at some point when I no longer used Word for anything else, I moved my vita into a Pages document, which is where it still lives in some form. Keeping it in Pages, however, means that it’s really only good for printing or exporting as a PDF: Pages doesn’t export to HTML at all — though it will readily export to EPUB — and while it does export to plain text, it’s not a very useful form of plain text.

For a short time I tried keeping my vita in a Markdown-formatted plain text file, but as I have previously noted, Markdown really wants to convert lines that begin with numbers into numbered lists, which doesn’t really work for a document that is mostly a series of lists organized chronologically by year.

For now, my vita lives as a LaTeX document. It’s clean enough, but I would really prefer to use fonts like Minion Pro, which I have owned for a long time and that I use in almost everything else I do — yes, most people don’t care about type faces and so they traffic in Time or whatever the default is in Microsoft Word these days, but I do care and I like being able to choose my typeface, which is the genius of computers and I really don’t understand why LaTeX makes this so hard.

One place I’ve started is with this tex.stackexchange. It links to a GitHub repo for github.

The latter requires tlmgr and it appears that the version of TeXlive that I installed using MacPorts did not install it. Oof.

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