More PowerPoint Frustrations

So I’m reading [Slide:ology]( by Nancy Duarte, and I’m also trying to figure out how best to work with PowerPoint. In one of those weird moments of synchonicity, one of my PowerPoint searches lands me on [Duarte’s website](, on a post that is singing the high praise of some new PowerPoint transitions. *Hmm*, I think and I click on the link, which takes me to the PowerPoint downloads section of Microsoft’s website.

What do you know? There are some nice-looking templates on the website, too. I mean templates that don’t look like they were designed in the 1980s or by a group of adolescents. *Great!* I think. *I can download these and really get moving along.*

**But, wait!** You can only download all these great things if you have an ActiveX control and you’re using Internet Explorer. All these great things are for Office 2007. If you’re looking for stuff for Office for Mac, you click on a link that takes you to some really abysmal offerings for [Office 2004]( (Click on that link to see for yourself.)