More Markdown Munchies

[Brett Terpstra][bt] has a couple of nice bits of code in which folks using Markdown might be interested. The first is a bash script, [`mdfind`][1], that makes it easier to find text inside a collection of text files all in Markdown format. The second is a [Wordpress plug-in][2] that gives you a collection of Markdown tags in the same way that the standard editing UI gives you HTML tags. This could be useful for those less used tags, like images for me, that I have to look up in a cheat sheet. Fortunately for me, if I am posting a note I am usually doing so from [MarEdit][Me] which not only supports Markdown, but also gives me a very flexible menu system that lets me drop tags in as I need them.

Well, that and there’s always [Typinator][Tr], which makes it possible for me not to have to remember that image syntax, except as the macro `mdimage`. It doesn’t get much easier than that.