Monday Morning’s Storm

I don’t know if I should pluralize it or not. It is one front, but it comes in waves. The rain has been continuous. I heard hail earlier this morning, which was followed by quite a thunder and lightning show. Then some wind, which is what got me up because I heard the house creaking and popping that I had not heard before — everything was fine.

A quick look at the radar on The Weather Channel’s site and I thought we were at the end of the first wave and would soon encounter a second wave, but when I put the radar in motion, it became apparent that the bands I saw in the initial image were not moving from west to east but from south to north, making it look like we might stay centered firmly in the easterly band for a time. If there are any weather gurus out there that can explain this particular phenomenon, I would really welcome it. I understand only the basics: a cold front moves in from the northwest and encounters the semi-permanent warm front that seems to sit over, or to be, the Gulf of Mexico. It seems to me, then, that everything should move northwest to southeast. What accounts for this apparent northerly movement? Or is that only an apparition created by the radar imagery?