Link: Mike Rowe Answers

I don’t like most celebrities, and I don’t like the celebrity-oriented moment through which we seem to be passing. I am especially dismayed by how well the celebrity machine works: get famous/known in one domain and the work that celebrity (*cum* brand) for all it’s worth. And I mean all. It’s insufferable really.

Except … except for Mike Rowe. Why is Mike Rowe my exception? First, because he seems all too aware that luck plays a role in any success — and to be fair to him, hard and unending work plays an equal role (but plenty of people work hard and never catch a break and Mike Rowe gets that, doesn’t seem ever to forget it). Second, because he has take his success and tried to do something honestly good with it. Third, he’s just funnily honest and honestly funny.

Take his response to a young man who was [looking for the perfect job][mr]: Rowe’s response is get a job and make the most of it, enjoy life and work wherever you are to the best of your abilities. Create opportunities, but don’t wait for them. And quit saying no to opportunities because they aren’t the one you have convinced yourself is *the* one.

*Note to self*: take the next job offer that comes your way.


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