McCarty’s Guide to Digital Humanities

Somewhat edited. I imagine it might serve as a building block for a list of my own making. More importantly, it serves as a decent lens onto what one of the major figures in the field considers “central.”

### Articles, books, edited collections

* McCarty, Willard. 2005. Humanities Computing. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
* McGann, Jerome, ed. 2010. Online Humanities Scholarship: The Shape of Things to Come. Houston TX: Connexions.
* Schreibman, Susan, Ray Siemens and John Unsworth, eds. 2004. A Companion to Digital Humanities. Oxford: Blackwell.
* Williams, Raymond. 2003/1974. Television: Technology and Cultural Form. Ed. Ederyn Williams. London: Routledge.

### Journals

* Digital Humanities Quarterly (
* Literary and Linguistic Computing (

### Conversations

* Humanist (
* Blogs & Twitter: google for “blogs digital humanities”; “twitter digital humanities” or substitute the name of your primary discipline. Many fellow students and scholars are eager to help. Talk to them.

### Guides &c

Experiment by googling for whatever subject-area interests you, e.g. “digital history”; for courses, e.g. “digital humanities syllabus”.

### Organizations

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (

### Updates

* Cohen, Dan and Scheinfeldt, Tom. *Hacking the Academy*. (University of
Michigan Press, 2011) [web; print forthcoming]
* Gold, Matthew K. *Debates in the Digital Humanities *(University of
Minnesota Press, 2012)
* Fitzpatrick, Kathleen. *Planned Obsolescence* (NYU Press, 2011)
* Kirschenbaum, Matthew. *Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic
Imagination *(MIT Press, 2007)
* Nowviskie, Bethany.* alt-academy*. (MediaCommons, 2011) [web]
* Ramsay, Steve. *Reading Machines: Towards an Algorithmic Criticism* (University
of Illinois Press, 2011)

Forthcoming titles to look out for:

* David Berry’s *Understanding Digital Humanities* (Palgrave, 2012)
* Katherine Hayles, *How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary
Technogenesis* (Chicago UP, 2012)
* Matthew Jockers, *Macroanalysis: Methods for Digital Literary History *(Illinois, forthcoming).