Mac OS X Services Come of Age

Snow Leopard has only been out for a day or two, but I already feel somewhat “behind the times” among the technorati who appear to have placed advanced orders through Apple and Amazon so that they could get their hands on 10.6 the very second it came out. I’d probably join them, but I have too much to do at present: two essays are due *now* as well as an NEH grant.

Nevertheless, some of my Mac geekness cannot help but surface when I hear that [services][1] are finally getting their due:

Mac OS X Services Come of Age

The image is copied from the coverage by [Mac OS X Automation’s coverage][1] which is linked above. Check out their article for complete coverage of the fact that services now appear both in the Services Menu (1) and in a variety of contextual menus (2-4).

For the more curious, and ambitious, Mac OS X Automation also has a terrific [list of free services][2] you can download and install.