Low-Tech, Low Energy Transportation

Ropeways are a low-tech, low energy form of transportation. Most of us know them only as ski lifts, but in previous eras, ropeways (and cableways) were used for moving just about anything because they were, are, so inexpensive to install and run. Another “low” feature is that they are low impact. A cableway can be run through a forest, or through a town, without having to change much of the landscape through which it passes. A post on Slashdot turned me onto Low-Tech Magazine, which specializes in stories like this. The essay on ropeways, “Aerial ropeways: automatic cargo transport for a bargain,” is well-written and well-sourced. It’s really great to see that there is a ground swell of interest in these topics. (The arc of the essay, by the way, is that the ropeway is making a comeback.)