Lily’s Clothes Await Her Waking

Before I met Yung-Hsing, I rarely thought about what I was going to wear for the day until I stood before my clothes. Having lived with her for a while now and enjoyed her orderly nature, I now regularly lay out my outfit before going to shower.

For a while now, Yung has been offering a Lily a choice between two outfits. And because Lily is Lily and needs as much advance warning as you can plan for, Yung has regularly checked the weather and then set out two outfits for Lily for the following day, often pointing them out to Lily so that she has plenty of time to think about which one she wants to wear.

Lily has lately begun to dress herself, and tonight she has taken the next step: she has laid out two outfits for herself to choose from tomorrow morning when she wakes up. I guess she wants to make sure she starts the New Year off right: by creating the choices which she will then choose.

*Lily’s Clothes Await Her Waking*