Lily Reads

You read that right, or, rather, er, okay, not really. But let me explain: tonight, as I sat with Lily on my lap, after she had finished her first bottle, we read one of her three Charlie and Lola books, aka “CharlieLola.” And then she got out another one — which she does by leaning *wayyy* out over the arm of the chair and dangling her arms into the basket of books which she calls “library” all the while saying “let’s see, let’s see.”

Wouldn’t you know it, but out comes another “CharlieLola” book. Her first one, the one about books and libraries. At first she just sits on my lap flipping through it, talking a bit about books and “CharlieLola.” And then she starts to read the book, or rather, she has heard the book so many times that she knows how it begins:

> I have this little sister. Her name is Lola.
She is small and very funny.

From there she went on to describe much of the plot of the book. By this point, Yung-Hsing had joined me in the bedroom and we both simply sat there with our jaws in our laps, listening to Lily read to us while she turned the pages.