Lily Made Her Point

While I was gone, Lily had to spend a bit of time on Friday in day care associated with her school while Yung worked. The place was full of her cohorts, and apparently at one point she and her good friend Sydney, whom she has known since they were both 2, got in an argument. This is how she reported it to Yung tonight:

“Mommy, Sydney thinks she can do anything as long as she has permission. But that’s not right. She can’t do everything.”

Yung agreed but didn’t pursue it since this story was coming as she and Lily were lying in bed and Lily was clearly protracting bed time.

“So I said to her, if your mommy gave you permission to drive the car, could you do it?”

Sydney paused and admitted, no, she could not.

“If your mommy gave you permission to eat candy all day, could you do it?”

Again, no. And then apparently, Lily followed with: “So, you see, Sydney, not everything is available to you right now.”

Lily turned to Yung, grinning, and said, “You see, Mommy, I made my point.”