Lily at 2

Lily turned two last Wednesday, and, well, we never did get around to hosting a party — neither of us are party planners — but we did manage to host a birthday weekend in Houston for the Bean. While we did not set out to make shopping for her a major component of the trip, I have to admit that most of the bags in the back of the car were for her. I got a computer game — which I can’t play on my current computer, and Yung-Hsing got a few clothes. Lily got a table, a chair, a stool, a hanging set of shelves, some huge leaves to make a canopy for her bed, some books, and I don’t even know what else.

Today Lily went to the doctor for her two-year checkup. The results are in:

ITEM The Bean Percentile
Height 33.5in 45%
Weight 24lbs 12oz     30%
Head Circumference     18.5in 35%

In sum, she is holding her course: staying just about dead average for height, light on weight, and a smallish head.