Latent Semantic Mapping in Mac OS

There was a terrific presentation on latent semantic mapping at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It not only was a great overview of latent semantic mapping (LSM) itself, but it also reveals that LSM is now, or will be in Lion?, built into the operating system. It will be available as a command-line tool as well as an API that can be written into native applications. The presentation also has a couple of nice case studies.

All of the presentations from this year’s WWDC are available, for free, on-line. Registration is required, but that is free, too. (I am no longer clear on the different classes of developers at Apple: one can sign up to be a Mac OS developer, an iOS developer, or a Safari extension developer. And you can still sign up to be a generic developer, as I have been for several years now.)

[Here’s the link to the LSM presentation that will work once you are registered.](