A Return to the IMU

Today we moved from our lovely Campus View apartment to a room in the Indiana Memorial Union. Some sort of music camp begins tomorrow here on the IU campus, making it impossible to extend our stay in Campus View. We wanted to stay on campus and take advantage of how walkable everything is, and so the IMU seemed like the best bet.

Of all the buildings on campus that I have been in, the IMU definitely is the most evocative for me. First, it’s a striking building. It is large, but offers no since of its size inside. Instead, it’s a maze of rooms and hallways, which were very confusing when I first arrived on campus almost twenty years ago. The second reason builds on the first: this building is a maze, and while at first it intimidated me, over the years I grew braver and braver in exploring its various nooks and hallways. (And I know I never came close to finding them all — the tall, central tower still remains terra incognito. Alas.)

In some ways, the IMU also marked one of the great life changes I underwent here at IU. I have very strong memories of Executive Education programs that happened here, of setting up classrooms in the conference center below, of setting up bars in hotel room suites, and of spending the night as part of my job of staying here late and getting here early.

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