Keynote for iPad Guidelines

Apple has released guidelines for creating Keynote presentations on a Mac that will be used on an iPad. The highlights include:

  • the resolution to use (1024 x 768)
  • themes to use (e.g., only the more bland Apple-provided ones)
  • fonts to use (anything else reverts to Helvetica)
  • a limited set of master slides
  • pre-scaled images, with PNG being the preferred format

I don’t own Keynote for iPad, so I can’t make any comments on this or the other restrictions involved. I do own Pages for iPad, and I largely don’t see it utility until Apple comes up with a better way to handle file transfer from the iPad to the Mac. Like the iPhone, users do not have direct access to directories, where files are saved on the iPad is obscured from the user while using the iPad as well as when you are syncing with iTunes. Worse, Apple offers no real way to sync things via their own syncing apparatus on MobileMe. (Others have written about this insanity stupidity. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can add the links to the story here.)

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