Joke Breakdown

Redditor [Ninkaka][] has a great [breakdown][] of a [joke by Rob O’Reilly][joke]:

> It’s all about the placement of the beats and the accompanying laughter. I haven’t seen this joke performed, but it’s pretty simple to tell how the crowd would react.

1. “I got mugged once, but I’m poor, so we were both disappointed.” *Scattered laughter. Audience expectant.*
2. “He was like, ‘You have 83 cents and a Sony Walkmen [sic]? What do you do?’ I was like ‘Oh, I’m a comedian.'” *More laughter. Comedian might do a little wry laugh to signal that there’s more.*
3. “He’s like ‘Oh, I used to be a comedian, you should try mugging.'” *One or two guys spit take in the back of the crowd.*
4. “I was like, ‘Thanks Carlos Mencia!'” *Longest laughter yet, might taper off sharply.*
5. “No I’m kidding. Carlos Mencia would never steal from another comedian.” *Brings it back and ends on a high. This is the actual joke the comedian wanted you to laugh the hardest at.*


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