Video: Japanese Tsunami Viewed from a Car

There’s an amazing video of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan as seen from a camera mounted inside a delivery vehicle. (Okay, you probably need to think about the fact that the camera was there to monitor the driver for a moment, which makes its presence creepy.) Once you get past that, you get a glimpse into how the progression looked, and felt to some degree, to people going about their everyday lives. The earth shakes. The sudden appearance of floodwater. The water keeps rising.

What captured my attention after a while, as you watched the cars bob about as the delivery vehicle itself bobs about, is both the quantity and diversity of the flotsam. The driver, Yu Moraga, was clearly in something of an industrial area because there are a great number of palettes floating about — all painted green, I should note, which is either the preferred color for palettes in Japan or marking the palettes as belonging to a particular company. (I would be curious to note which is the case.)