It’s hard to believe it’s only the end of the third day here. I feel like I have been here a long time.

Perhaps it’s because the days are long. The first two full days were especially so, but even today was pretty full.

For instance, we had three guest speakers this morning. Then we all walked out to the “Court of Sciences” to grab some lunch from the food trucks — both were taco and burrito trucks today. Then we dashed back to the lecture room for another talk. Then we all walked to the computer lab for a three hour workshop. With that, they let us go for the day. We all walked back to our dorm rooms. A few of us wandered up to the pool. I floated in the family pool for fifteen minutes or so, but it really wasn’t much fun without Lily. So I came back to my room, changed into dry clothes, gathered up my dirty clothes, and a book, and walked downstairs. I stuffed my clothes into a washing machine and then walked to the cafeteria for supper. I had the book with me to read while I ate along, but I ended up sitting with five other participants in the institute, and we had a rollicking good conversation. One of the others was telling horror stories about his university, and we were all just bugging our eyes out. I threw a few of my own experiences into the mix, and we just made great fun of it all.

After dinner, I walked back to the dorms, checked on my laundry, and climbed the stairs up to my room on the fourth floor. (I confess I would have taken the elevator, but it seems to be broken.) I finished watching The Men Who Stare at Goats, went back downstairs to grab my laundry, and now here I am writing a quick account of my day for you two.

I should probably do some work before going to sleep, and so I will leave this note here.

I love you both.