Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

I am not sure what to think of the many portals to content that are springing up everywhere. First, it’s great. So much information so lovingly curated. (Well, okay, sometimes it’s a poorly pushed together pile.) On other hand, I worry about all these terrific structures resembling so many silos on a landscape: here’s some data, and here’s some data, and here’s some data, but getting a bit of data from each *at the same time* (in the same search) is not possible. This is a central concern of Project Bamboo, but it’s not the one getting initial attention — and yet it would make a huge difference and have, I think, immense visibility.

The Iter Gateway seems to have gotten a lot of things right. I can’t figure out what they used to build it — Drupal? It could have been Omeka.

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