ISCLR 2017 Conference Schedule

This is not an official version of the schedule. Simply a readily available one so that fellow folklorists can see who presented what at this year’s meeting.


Supernatural Legends and Place

  • Constraints of Ghost Walks and Haunted Tourism in Utah • Kylie Schroeder
  • Mysterious Northeast Arkansas: Ghost Stories in Jonesboro • Richard Burns
  • Supernatural Creatures and Belief in South Louisiana • Carolyn E. Ware


  • The Mad Doctor of the Pennhurst Haunted Asylum • Shannon K. Larson
  • The Haunted Cheerio and Other Tales: Negotiating Belief in a Louisiana Classroom • Shelley Ingram


Local Legendry

  • Hidden Treasures in Welsh Legendry • Elissa R. Henken
  • Jean Lafitte and the Other Lex Non Scripta: Outlaw as Expression of Folk Law • Keagan LeJeune
  • The Peck Ranch Massacre and Formulaic Atrocity • William M. Clements

Legend and Media I

  • Slenderman is Coming to Get Your Little Brother or Sister: Teenagers’ Legend-Related Pranks on You-Tube • Libby Tucker
  • The One at the Conference: Podcasting and Legend Scholarship • Eleanor Hasken

Legend and Media II

  • The Myth of the “Killer 2026”: Serial Killer, Urban Legend, or Both? • Daniel P. Compora
  • Framing Children’s Narratives in Online Clown Legends • Jessica Doble
  • The Clown Legend Cascade: The Legend Conduit in the Information Age • John Laudun


Fake News I

  • Pizzagate, Fake News and Its Ostensive Consequences • Jesse Fivecoate
  • Crawford Road: Legend, News, and Stigmatized Places • Kristina Downs

Fake News II

  • Fake News, Folk News, and Contemporary Legends: Information and Belief in the Age of #Alternative Facts • Andrea Kitta & Lynne McNeill

Fake News, Folk News

  • Fake News, ‘Folk News’ and the Fate of the Far Away Moses • Steven Winick
  • Conspiracy, Legendry, and the Politics of Culture in the Case of the
  • Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code • Gregory Hansen
  • Cuckolding and Consent: An Analysis of Power and Sex within the Alt-Right • Bakr Abbahou


Narrative Motifs

  • Ambrož Kvartič, Shibboleth: A Mechanism of Language Differentiation as a Narrative Folklore Motif
  • Contemporary Legend and Rumor: A Response to Dr. Hobbs • David Samper

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