iPython Notebook Conversion CheatSheet

The default format for `nbconvert` is HTML, so you don’t need to specify it:

$ ipython nbconvert notebook.ipynb

The default HTML is interactive, if you want a static rendering, then use `–to html –template full`, if you want simplified html, use `–template basic`.

For other formats, use the following:

–to latex

This generates a `notebook.tex` file. If you add `–post PDF`, and your LaTeX install is working, then you know what you will get. (If it’s currently broken, like mine is, then you won’t.) You can, like HTML, use templates: `–template article` (default), `–template book`, and `–template basic` are pretty self-explanatory.

–to slides
–to markdown
–to rst
–to python

All do what you would expect. The slides are a Reveal.js HTML slide show. The Python conversion is an executable Python script.

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