Infographics Extravaganza

My friend Tim Lloyd and I share a love of graphics that not only tell a story or represent data well but do it so well as to become another kind of work in and of themselves. Gregory Bateson would have, following Bertrand Russell, probably suggested that this was a matter of logical types. In any event, there are two sites that are worth following, in addition to that of [Edward Tufte]( who sort of created this category:

* One is [Information Is Beauitful]( The author of the site does much of the graphic work himself, with the help of willing researchers. His representation of the various [End of the World Schemes Having to Do with 2012]( is pretty amazing — it’s almost like trying to take in a Baroque chapel ceiling painting.
* Another fun place to browse is [Biblioddyssey]( which pursues a different tact. Its author browses through older materials in search of infographic like illustrations and diagrams. Here’s one from the [Victorian era](