I would say I am close to being the luckiest man alive, but I will settle for enjoying a spate of grace that makes me marvel at the workings of the universe. This morning, as I got out of my truck in the university parking lot, a man came bounding up to me. He had seen the ESA sticker on the back of my truck and wanted to know what I thought of the school. It turns out he has two girls in the school as well, and he’s also a faculty member at the university. His name is Gary Kirkland, and he’s a geologist. We chatted for a while, enjoying a nice moment in the sun: two men who obviously dote on their daughters.

As we were taking our leave of each other, I told Gary that I would like to talk to someone in geology about the topology of southwestern Louisiana. Could he recommend the right person? As luck would have it, it’s Gary.

Later, with piles of papers coming in, and me being alone for a time, I decided to spend tomorrow at home, catching up on work. How does the universe respond? I got a text message from Gerard Olinger inviting me to the Farmer Appreciation Dinner tomorrow night.

Thank you, universe, thank you.