I want to work for SpaceX

[SpaceX](http://www.spacex.com/index.php) has a November flight to the International Space Station scheduled. This is totally cool. I don’t think I was alone in worrying that in ending the shuttle fleet, the USA would be in the dangerous position of handing over its LEO operations to the Russians or others.

It’s not that I am narrowly nationalistic, but I am also a lover of space, in particular the human exploration of space, and I didn’t want to see that opportunity slip so far away that I couldn’t dream a little dream.

So then I read this morning about the SpaceX scheduled flight, and I realized that I want to work for someone like that. Unfortunately, the only job opening they have available right now, for someone with my skills and experience, is copywriter. *Hmmm.* Not very appealing right now.

And so my plan is to get _Genius Loci_ out, and get _The Makers of Things_ underway and send Elon Musk a copy and suggest that what he needs is an official documentarian, an organizational ethographer, for SpaceX. Someone who can write about the company and its mission, as well as for it.

And, Mr. Musk, if you ever read this: I mean it.