HumNets Apps

The current list of Workshop Software (as of 07-09-2010) is below. Which ones are Mac-friendly?

  • Network Workbench. Yes.
  • Sci2. Yes.
  • Wordij is a JAR executable. Yes.
  • UCINet is a Windows EXE file. No.
  • NetDraw is a Windows EXE file. No.
  • Mallet is a JAVA app. Yes.
  • ORA is at 2.0.8 on Windows and Linux but 1.6.9 on Mac — which requires Java 1.4 to run. I have Java SE 5 and 6 (1.5 and 1.6) on my MacBook Pro.
  • AutoMap is a JAVA app. Some errors while installing.
  • SoNIA is a JAR executable. (It’s on SourceForge.) JAR file could not finish.
  • Weka is a DMG file. (Also on SourceForge.) Drag and drop setup.
  • Netkit-SRL
  • Graphviz is a PKG file with a Snow Leopard version. Easy setup.
  • R
  • StatNet and iGraph are both installed from within R.

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