Harvard Cozy with Business

It should came as no surprise, given what we know about the many tentacles of Goldman Sachs and how far they reach into the various centers of power in the U.S. as well, it seems, in Europe, that all Goldman Sachs was doing was following, or building, on the work of bastions of respectability of Harvard and Company: In a wonderful bit of exposé work, Emily Brill reveals Jonathon Zittrain’s ties to Google which he seems to seek to hide even as he discourses for various media channels about the future of technology.

The Halls of Power, my friends. Apparently once you have walked in them — lined as they must be with marble and furnished with rich decor — you never want to come back out into the sunshine and rub elbows with ordinary working stiffs. And so you’ll do anything to keep in favor. The effect seems to be at work in Congress and in the media. And in the academy.

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