Formatting and Outputs

I do much of my non-scholarly writing in a text editor, but I still need to share what I do with others. Preferably pretty. I like to keep my options open on how to move out of MultiMarkdown into a styled output:

  • XSL:FO stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects. Update: The link to the W3Schools no longer works and the good people at Who Is Hosting This offer their own materials as a suitable substitute.
  • DITA is an XML architecture for designing, writing, managing, and publishing information.

There is, of course, also presentation versions, like Eric Meyer’s S5 format, which has since been extended. For a more general overview, see the Wikipedia article on S5 I’m curious about the latter, because as this sample code reveals:

<div class="slide">
 <h1>slide title</h1>
   <li>the first point</li>
   <li>the second point</li>
   <li>the third point</li>
 <div class="handout">
  ... additional material that appears
     on the handout

The S5 format is unfortunately oriented toward the standard slide layout.

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