Flash CS5 Exports to HTML5 Canvas?!

According to this [post on 9-to-5 Mac](http://www.9to5mac.com/Flash-html5-canvas-35409730), it looks like there is limited support for exporting webapps/RIAs/whatever created in Flash to HTML5’s Canvas element. This is precisely the Adobe I know and love: offering its users, content creators, the chance to develop in their preferred medium. I know Adobe bought Macromedia for Flash, and Flash did, and does, make it incredibly easy to develop a variety of interesting tools and user experiences, but Adobe shouldn’t risk its future by trying to determine *what* people will create. Adobe is at its best when it’s offering “best of class” tools and IDEs that work for *how* people want to create.[^1]

There’s a Youtube video from an Adobe demonstration at a conference somewhere, but it’s not so great that I’m embedding it here. Definitely go to the 9to5Mac page if you’re interested.

[^1]: And, no, I don’t really don’t know where I stand on the whole Apple doesn’t want developers exporting out of Flash CS5 for iPhone/iPad apps. (And can we come up with a term that covers Universal apps for the iPhone OS platform — that is, those apps that will run on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad? “Universal apps for the iPhone OS platform” is kinda clumsy.)

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