First Morning

I am waiting for the first video to upload, but I thought while I waited I would write a brief note to you two. I have had this Tumblr account for a while now, but I never knew quite what to do with it. Now I do! I can transcribe some of my notebook entries in here as well as upload any images, audio, or video I make and put them here so that you two can keep up with what I am doing during my two weeks here.

Perhaps it doesn’t seem as personal as talking on the telephone, but I am not entirely sure how often in these first few days we will get a chance to do that. The problem is not only are they planning to keep us very busy but there is also a two hour difference in time: when it is only six o’clock here in California, it is going to be eight o’clock in Louisiana. So, Lily, I am in the same time zone as Aunt Mie, Aunt Shao, Cousin Jack, and Uncle Mike.

At least for the next two weeks.