Finish Some More

Tonight we asked Lily to take a shower: things were running a bit late and it just seemed an easier solution, especially since I wanted to shower, too. Yung-Hsing popped her in just as I was finishing up, and after I washed her hair, I explained she would have five minutes to play in the shower. (Lily resists getting into the bath or the shower, but then she resists getting out of it. We have never discerned the root of the paradox.)

“Okay,” she said.

“Now do you want me to count the minutes down or just tell you when you have one minute left?” I asked.

“Just tell me when I have one minute left.”


“But, daddy, what happens if I’m not finished?”

“Well, one minute should be plenty of time to finish.”

“What if I’m already finishing when you tell me?”

“Should I just finish some more?”