Excuse the Interruption: We Moved

Please excuse the recent interruption in posts. We have just completed our move to the new house. I am, in fact, posting this from my new study, which is a small space on the first floor but which offers me an incredible amount of natural light: there is a six foot by six foot sliding glass door, a three foot by three foot window, and a four foot by four foot skylight.

Which is to say, be careful what you wish for. I’m a little worried that there might be too much light to work on a computer in this space, and so it could very well be that The Makers of Things will be written this summer by hand and later typed. The marble and brick floors of the new house almost demand that the old ways, the old materials, are better.

Beyond the confines of my small, but well-lit study, the house affords our little family more room for everyone. Yung-Hsing also has her own study, which is twice mine is size but will also serve as a guest room. It will be the perfect place for her to work in the coming year while she enjoys a sabbatical to finish her book. On the same floor as her study is our daughter’s bedroom as well as a sizable landing which has become our daughter’s play area — she has quickly occupied the 12 by 20 space with an array of toys.

Downstairs we have a living area of perhaps the same square footage as the old house but its square shape, as opposed to the longish rectangle of the old living room, actually makes it feel a bit smaller at times. It doesn’t help that books remain in boxes for the time being, while we await more book shelves. (More on the bookshelf-building adventure elsewhere.) But we now have a separate dining area, and a breakfast area that is not in the middle of the kitchen. The kitchen itself is a bit smaller, but a nice sized pantry and a separate laundry room make it feel like we have gained more than we have lost.

I will post images of the new space, perhaps paired with some “before” images,” as things fall more into place.

If you need our new address, just drop me an e-mail at myfullname at gmail dot com. (I trust everyone will know what to substitute for myfullname?)

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