Video: Empathy

I have more to say about the ideas found in this video as well as the ideas found in [a recent post by Scott Weingart][] — I especially want to think about his opening line where he deplores the dark corners of the humanities — but for now I’ll post this recent whiteboard animation by [the RSA][] (the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce):

And while I’m thinking about it: I am really keen to find an application that will allow one to create presentations that would, in essence, be based on a complete illustration, say an 11 x 17 tabloid-sized poster, but that would allow you to “navigate” it or pan and zoom to display small pieces at a time. I know [Prezi][] does this, but Prezi is very web-centric and access to their desktop application is an annual subscription. For those who are Mac users, you may know that [OmniGraffle Pro][] has a presentation mode, but it’s still built around the traditional presentation model of multiple slides, or in OG’s terminology, canvases. Apple’s [Keynote][] application will animate differences between slides, but you don’t end up with one common graphic as your output. (Speaking of which, Keynote’s print output options are abominably limited: PowerPoint is years ahead in this regard.)

[a recent post by Scott Weingart]:
[the RSA]:
[OmniGraffle Pro]: