Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid, and Steve Jobs

[Signal vs. Noise](http://37signals.com/svn/), the weblog of 37signals, has a terrific post up about [Steve Jobs meeting Edwin Land](http://37signals.com/svn/posts/2666-the-story-of-polaroid-inventor-edwin-land-one-of-steve-jobs-biggest-heroes). What I find especially interesting is the account of Land’s sense of “discovery” over “innovation” or “creativity” — see how I put all those words in quotation marks there? They rattle around so much these days they almost feel more like baggage than useful tools for thinking. Anyway, Land is reported to have remarked: “I could see what the Polaroid camera should be. It was just as real to me as if it was sitting in front of me before I had ever built one.” The post has a brief bio of Land that reveals someone who just wouldn’t quit — he worked on one of his earliest inventions by regularly using a lab at Columbia University which he accessed by climbing in through an unlocked window.