Digital Humanities Courses

I was lucky enough to teach our university’s first digital humanities course last year. It was a graduate-level seminar, but it was still very much an introduction. I am okay with this leveling of the playing field in the early days of our own exploration of the digital humanities domain, but I am hoping we can developing a more rigorous curriculum — well, I am hoping for a curriculum first! — in the years to come. It is with thanks, then, that I cite the following instances of digital humanities courses being offered and discussed around the web:

  • Brian Croxall has made his course’s development and deployment very public. The course itself has its own WordPress site. (This is hosted on Croxall’s own server. Surely Emory could support this?)
  • Paul Fyfe has not only taught a digital humanities course, but he had his students respond to the question “what is digital humanities?” and then made their responses public — after checking with them first. Here’s the link.