Dear Searcher: I’m Here

Here’s one of those weird moments: every once in a while the little bar chart in the upper-lefthand corner of WordPress that appears when you’re logged in begs me to click on it and see what those tiny lines represent. The entire chart represents, it claims, the last 48 hours of activity on a given WP site. So, when you see one bar taller than others, you wonder: what happened there?

So I clicked the chart. Since it’s still morning here, today’s stats aren’t terribly interesting yet, so I clicked the table for yesterday, and I saw the usual suspects: the posts that get the most traffic are for installing Python, using the NLTK, using stop words, and setting up iPython. But I also saw a bunch of hits for a post about making illustrations of the Louisiana landscape for _The Makers of Things_. How’d that happen? So, I checked out search traffic and this turned up:

Searches that led to jl.o on the first Sunday of 2015

Searches that led to jl.o on the first Sunday of 2015

*Ay?* Who are these people looking up my name and the proposed name of a book not yet in existence? Whoever you are, I’ll give you a copy of the book if you’re *that* interested. Email me, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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