Dear Mardi Gras

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Faquetaigue Mardi Gras “ers”

Greetings from Treme, an HBO television series set in New Orleans and south Louisiana that is now filming it’s second season of episodes. For our Mardi Gras episode this year, we are working with Joel Savoy to capture an aspect of your Cajun Mardi Gras. Our show is devoted to music of all kinds and we are honored that Joel and you will allow us to restage parts of your Faquetaigue Mardi Gras for our show. We have understood that this is a very special celebration amongst musicians and friends. We will not use the name Faquetaigue or indicate the area of the celebration at Joel’s request. We will work under Joel’s and your guidance to make it as authentic as we can.

We would love for you to join us in recreating the celebratory feeling and unique aspects of your Courir. We are looking for about 100 participants able to come early on Saturday, March 12 dressed in their Courir costume. We realize this is taking your time and your knowledge of your Courir and imparting it to us. We very much appreciate that. For those of you that would like to participate in this undertaking, we would love to offer each of you a small thanks in the form of a check of $121.50 dollars, which is our rate for what we called “extra actors” who come in costume or with costume.

Should you decide to participate, Joel will send you some follow up information from us that will help familiarize you with our filming process. I would also ask if you are able, to send me via email at your name and the name of family and friend participants and the best phone number to contact you on. If you prefer you may also just let Joel know and he will get the information to us. This is coming to you from Joel as he is coordinating this event with us and with our gratitude.

Many thanks to you all. With your help, we hope to show an audience across the country an aspect of our history that makes south Louisiana unique.

With all regard,
Virginia McCollam
Treme – HBO
New Orleans

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